Thursday, October 6, 2011

Resource of the Week - Toronto Clutter Data

Once in a while i find datasets in our data catalogue that I have not
used or thought about for an extended period of time. I was thinking
that it might be a good idea to do resource of the week posting on the
blog and through an email message when I or anyone else in the MDL finds
such a resource.
This week's resource of the week is Toronto Clutter Data purchased
through last year.

In this TIF / GRID / Shapefile resource, land is divided into 16 land
cover classes:
Clutter Classification :
0 Unclassified1 Inland Water
2 Open
3 Low Tree Density
4 High Tree Density
5 Rural areas/low residential
6 Suburban
7 Suburban With Tree
8 Urban Low Density
9 Urban Medium Dense
10 Urban High Dense
11 Skyscrapers/ High-rise
12 Industrial Area/ Commercial areas
13 Airstrip
14 River
15 Coast

Consider mentioning this resource to a number of our Landscape architecture
library patrons. The data can be found here:


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